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Laser, Skin & Massage

Here’s a little secret: This family operated spa810 franchise has been exceeding customer expectations for years by offering affordable luxury.

For example, the market rate for the “fully loaded” HydraFacial® is $350. Owner Kristy Steck charges $149 for a full one-hour treatment.

Similarly, the market price for the very aggressive medical-grade skin chemical peel is $400. Steck charges $195.

“I do not believe in huge markups. We work hard to be efficient which allows us to pass on the savings to our customers who have created our success,” said Steck.

As the oldest of all of the spa810s, this location has the largest customer database with the most members (many from 2011) and is the smallest center with the most open hours.

When she bought the franchise after having been a service provider (licensed aesthetician, laser technician, Coolsculpting® pro and massage therapist), Steck had first-hand knowledge of what she and her fellow estheticians and therapists wanted to change to better serve their clients. She also listened carefully to feedback from clients and took appropriate action. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) for this spa810 is 94 percent (significantly higher than the med-spa industry average). “It’s important for us that our guests are treated the same way we want to be treated if we go to a spa,” Steck said.

To better serve busy schedules (including snowbirds) spa members can freeze their membership as often as they wish without any penalty or fee, and pre-paid services do not expire even if a membership is cancelled. Friends and family of members can also use their discounts an unlimited number of times (it’s once a year everywhere else).

It’s clear the clientele loves the organic and pharmaceutical-grade products, plus the wide variety of treatment options that spa810-Pinnacle Peak offers. From standard massages to Ashiatsu (therapist uses body weight/ walks on client’s back); from signature spa810 facials, to custom facials, to HydraFacial® treatments that detoxify and protect the skin, to laser hair removal. Steck has the “gold standard” Alma Soprano Ice® system that is effective on all skin types for nearly permanent and pain-free treatments.

Additionally, this spa810 offers Coolsculpting®, the only non-invasive FDA Cleared fat freezing body contouring treatment available in the US.

Kristy seems a natural for this industry because she once suffered from acne, rosacea and psoriasis. You can’t tell from looking at her, but you can tell her love of the spa and clients.

“I wanted to make other people feel as great as I felt,” she said. “It’s such a fun and rewarding industry.”

She and her entire team provide great value for the money and produce real results for their guests, 7 days a week. It should be no surprise, then, to know that 90 percent of Steck’s new business is by word of mouth.

23425 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ



Sean's Massage Center

Sean’s Massage Center

Excellence In Massage & Acupuncture


Sean McGrath has served several of the residents of Columbus, Ohio for over 19 years as a Professional Massage Therapist. His training, knowledge, and experience amassed in his adult life allows this expert in alternative healing techniques to relieve pain and, in some cases, speed up healing the healing process from Sean’s Massage Center.

He and his staff are trained in a variety of modalities, and his massage therapy is part of the OSU health benefits. Using a number of techniques, he gives relief from common ailments like headaches, and backaches and more serious conditions like addictions and infertility. For example Reflexology is a method which focuses on stimulating “nerve zones” in the feet to effect positive relief from various other parts of the body. It is one reliable method used at Sean’s Massage Center. It is a proven remedy for nervousness or depression because it addresses the natural balance of the entire body. Heated stone therapy is another approved healthful muscular aid for treating backaches and other ailments.

Comfort is one of the goals at Sean’s Massage Center. Sean and his staff want their clients to feel comfortable when they visit in addition to relieving what ails them. They use Aveda oil on a warmed massage table in all of our services. Also, the customer is allowed to listen to soothing music meant to create an atmosphere of relaxation. Some of Sean’s specialties include full body massages, couples massages, reflexology, heated stone therapy, and other techniques. Also, the range of his proficiencies includes providing prenatal massages that are designed toward the specific needs of the expectant mothers. His specially designed massage table, allow a pregnant woman to lie comfortably on her tummy up to full term.

Sean has had extensive training to become a high-caliber professional in his field. He received his Massage Therapy License (LMT) on January 16, 1998. After attending the Central Ohio School of Massage in Columbus, he then went on to complete a 670-hour series of courses in anatomy, physiology, and hygiene, which gave him a deeper understanding in applying his skills. He is now a member of The National Honor Society and The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

His additional credits include completing more than 200 hours of training in Advanced Myofacial Therapy/ Deep Tissue/Trigger Point, Lastone Therapy and earned his certification as a Lastone Therapist. He is also BWC Provider, Personal Injury Provider, and a Massage Instructor. Sean has an impressive list of clientele. He has performed massages for members of the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and Sports Medicine Grant & Orthopedic Associates.

To schedule an appointment at Sean’s Massage Center or receive our promotional material, you can call our clinic at (614) 327-4338, or go to the “Appointments” request page on our website at Seans-MassageCenter.com. The details of your appointment will be confirmed by email.

4612 Sawmill Rd.
Columbus, OH 43220