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Day’s Fine Jewelry

Since 1993, Dave Kendall has operated Day’s Fine Jewelry with this philosophy: “Anything we can do for our customers, regardless of price, we’ll do.”

Example: The time a man came in looking for a watch pin. Kendall declined to charge him the two cents, instead telling him, “Stop in sometime when you need something.” The man did return and became a great customer – he once bought two rings for $13,000, although that’s not the reason Kendall does that.

That kind of service won’t change when Kendall hands the reins to his friend, Lorin Jones. And Jones will bring fine custom jewelry to Day’s.

For those who didn’t know, Dave is selling his store to Lorin and Ginger Jones, whom he has known for 25 years – and who worked together for three years 17 years ago. Jones, an accomplished designer with 32 years of experience, managed other jewelry stores but has never owned one.

“With bittersweet feelings, after 47 years in the jewelry business, including 25 at Day’s Fine Jewelry, I have decided to retire,” Kendall said, adding the Jones’ take over Jan. 1. But before that, the two will work together, Kendall introducing the Jones’ to all his customers and helping with the transition into the new year. Jones, in turn, will introduce all his customers to a more centralized location; he previously has driven as many as 50 miles to reach his customers.

Speaking of Kendall, “He literally has love and respect for his customers,” Jones said. “He’s always been willing to go the extra mile to give customers what they want.”

Actually, the two complement each other well. Jones is an accomplished, award-winning designer and jeweler, something that impresses Kendall. He recalls a time a customer wanted a ring with 22 diamonds placed just so. Jones drew it and created it exactly as the customer envisioned.

“Some people think they’re good,” Kendall said, “but Lorin is the real deal.”

Jones, in turn, appreciates the extensive repair side to Day’s Fine Jewelry. “It’s going to be a nice marriage,” he said. “We’ll have more of both services put together.”

This works for Jones, 54, who long wanted to own his own jewelry store. Many years ago, a jeweler he looked up to asked him what kind of jeweler he wanted to be. “I told him I want to do everything: custom design, build and service anything our customers want,” Jones said. “I want (customers) to be able to hand (jewelry) to me and I can say, ‘I can do that.’ ”

Nothing’s going to change, they insist. Customers will still be treated well, but now will have more options. It will just be a different person treating them well.

“I think he’ll do well here,” Kendall said..

1849 E. Guadalupe Rd. #103
Tempe, AZ 85283


Southwest Jewelry Buyers

Southwest Jewelry Buyers

An Ethical Experience

Eric Schwarz, owner of Southwest Jewelry Buyers, has a simple but effective philosophy when it comes to his business: Do one thing, and do it well. He has been doing this for 18 years since he started his company in 2000.

Originally, the company set out selling jewelry. However, when the market changed in 2007, more and more people were coming to him to sell their jewelry. He recognized the need in the market at that time for customers to sell versus buy jewelry, and Southwest Jewelry Buyers was reborn with the sole focus of purchasing jewelry.

“We buy old engagement rings, jewelry that is out of date or pieces that people simply no longer wear. We evaluate the pieces on-site and can make the purchase right then and there,” says Eric, who received his training at the Gemological Institute of America. “One of the things that sets us apart from other companies like us is customers can rest assured they are dealing with the owner, and I am qualified to grade diamonds and jewelry to get them the maximum value of their pieces.” Southwest Jewelry Buyers is also a Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Business and is licensed by the City of Scottsdale, which further ensures clients an honest, professional and ethical transaction.

The company’s buying office is located at 14300 N. Northsight Boulevard in the Scottsdale Airpark, and Eric sees sellers by appointment so each transaction is completely confidential and handled on the customer’s time. Eric also prides himself on the fact that his company is typically able to give their customers the maximum return for their jewelry. “We have low overhead and we don’t have sales people (buyers) on commission. We don’t have millions of dollars of inventory sitting in showcases, and we don’t pay ultra-high mall type rent. It’s not rocket science. Simply put, we can afford to pay more for our customers’ jewelry,” Eric says.

In addition to purchasing jewelry including rings, necklaces, watches and more, Southwest Jewelry Buyers purchases loose diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, fine colored stones, and even coins. The company even buys broken jewelry.

Selling your jewelry, precious metals or even heirloom coins can sometimes be a very personal, emotional and stressful situation. However, Eric and his staff work hard to make sure that each customer is treated kindly and fairly in a stress-free, no-pressure environment. After the complimentary evaluation by an appraisal specialist at Southwest Jewelry Buyers, it is truly up to the customer whether or not she would like to complete the transaction. If she decides to go ahead with the sale, she receives instant payment.

When asked whether he has plans to expand his business, Eric says he would rather just continue to “do what we do.” Doing one thing well is what has catapulted Southwest Jewelry Buyers from being just another jewelry buyer in the Valley to of the top buying firms in the Southwest. It comes down to focusing on providing each customer with an honest, ethical experience, with the maximum payout for their diamonds, jewelry, and fine estate pieces.

14300 N Northsight Blvd #127
Scottsdale, AZ 85260