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Gateway Garage Doors and Gates

Gateway Garage Doors and Gates

A New Approach to Garage Doors & Gates

By Tim Bohart, Owner

There are a lot of worries to deal with when it comes to owning a home and maintaining it. For most, there’s a never ending list of projects to work on, appliances to fix, and issues that just get pushed to the back burner on a daily basis. It’s also very likely that you have had to deal with the consequences of neglecting that maintenance: a water heater that doesn’t heat, an AC that doesn’t cool, or a freezer that doesn’t freeze. Most of the time these issues can be dealt with at your convenience. Most of the time everything is fine. But occasionally these issues can be more urgent or even sometimes dangerous. These are the times that universal thought comes to mind, “I wish this could have been avoided”.

The service industry has set the bar quite low when it comes to educating homeowners. It can be an overwhelming process trying to figure out how a component has failed, what needs to be done to fix it, and what can be done to prevent the problem in the future. The burden shouldn’t be on you to reach out for help, it should be offered freely and with an expert eager to assist you. Granted, there is a lot of knowledge out there, but it’s a difficult task without knowing exactly where to look, what to look for, or even how to find the information.

It’s not uncommon when I first meet my customers that they tell me, “I’ve never had my door serviced”, or “I didn’t know lubrication was recommended”, or even “I thought garage doors were just supposed to be loud”. It’s a sad truth that I’ve heard all too often, but it’s not your fault. The service industry has fallen short on providing education to home owners. This could be due to a lack of effort on their part, a lack of interest, or an intentional move to create a reliance on their services. But I intend to change that. I intend to provide the knowledge to you so that you can make better, more informed decisions.

I’m introducing a service that has the ability to change the way you engage with your garage doors and gates. You won’t have to be worried about any loud noises, we’ll make sure all your parts are working seamlessly and operating quietly. You won’t have to be worried that something will break down at any moment, we’ll provide free unlimited spring replacements and proactive repairs. You won’t have to worry about the security, we’ll install an electronic lock to secure your door or gate closed. You won’t have to worry about having access to your home if you lose your keys, we’ll install an external keypad to grant access at any time.

When you become a customer of mine and sign up for a service plan you get the peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your garage door and gate will be taken care of. We will perform a comprehensive inspection to create a plan that is catered to your needs and utilizes all the products and features available to us. We ensure all parts are in working order, replace anything that could cause a problem, and stick to a stringent set of guidelines and recommendations that have proven results.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to who you work with. There are innumerable reasons you would choose one company over another. And there’s no way to please everyone. But I’ve made it my goal to educate homeowners about my industry, to provide expert knowledge and advice, and create a relationship based on trust and respect. That cannot be done with a certain amount of transparency, a candid attitude, and most importantly integrity. And I’ve found that I can provide the very best service to those that appreciate it by sticking to that philosophy.

For more information about Gateway Garage Doors and Gates visit  gatewaydoorsaz.com.



A-Authentic Garage Door Service

A-Authentic Garage Door Service

Service You Can Count On – Garage Problems Fixed Today!

Have you ever tried to leave your house to go somewhere, only to find that your garage door won’t open?

Talk about a frustrating and helpless feeling!

Fortunately, A-Authentic Garage Door Service is just a quick phone call away, and will be there in a flash to save your day!

Owner Darrell Peruch takes great pride in providing every customer with fast, fast service – no matter what time of day or night.

“We take calls 24 hours a day, and do plenty of repairs in the middle of the night,” Peruch said. “We understand that when you need to get out, you need to get out! We’re usually there within an hour.”

A-Authentic Garage Door Service is armed and ready to help you, with eighteen trucks staffed by professionally trained technicians currently servicing the entire Valley.

What’s even better, once Darrell and his team have come to your rescue, you don’t have to worry about being trapped in your garage again anytime soon.

“We do the job right the first time,” Darrell assures us. “Our technicians know what they’re doing, and we only install quality products.”

A-Authentic technicians are always dressed in company uniforms, and its trucks are well-maintained and professionally lettered with the company’s logo, so customers can feel comfortable and confident in the service they receive.

“You’ll never feel like, ‘hey, who is this guy at my house?’” Darrell explains. “Your whole experience will be positive and professional.”

While customers of A-Authentic Garage Door Service greatly appreciate the fast service and quality work, there is also piece of mind knowing that you are being serviced by a reputable, family-owned company that has been in business since 1999.

Starting with Darrell and just one truck, his never-ending focus on great customer service and quality has continued to fuel the company’s growth. A-Authentic recently expanded into a new 15,000 square foot warehouse facility in Phoenix, and has even opened a new territory in Las Vegas.

There’s no better testimonial to a company’s great service than satisfied customers, and A-Authentic’s impressive resume’ includes almost 800 five-star reviews online, multiple Super Service Awards from Angie’s List, and is also endorsed by the Rosie on the House radio show.

The next time you have a garage door issue, don’t panic…..call A-Authentic Garage Door and they’ll have you out in no time!

For more information about A-Authentic Garage Door Service visit www.arizonagaragedoors.com.

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