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Dr. Holly Lerma knows what it’s like not to love your smile, though you would never know that by looking at her. This Texas-and-Kansas raised beauty has experienced her fair share of dental issues and undergone quite a bit of dental work herself. Perhaps that’s why her passion for helping her patients achieve their own knockout smile is so prevalent.

Dr. Lerma and her husband, Ricardo moved to the Valley in 2007 “to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful people.” Since then, Pinnacle Peak DentalCare has been in the same location on Pinnacle Peak Road and Dr. Lerma has been dedicated to ensuring her patients are 110 percent satisfied with their treatments.

“I have always enjoyed taking care of people. And I want to help my patients understand that they are beautiful just the way they are,” Lerma says, adding that she encourages people to look at their teeth before considering plastic surgery. “Often people feel they want to look like a celebrity or someone else. They don’t need to change themselves with plastic surgery. They can improve upon their existing beauty with dental work and achieve the best version of themselves. We can help them get to that next level through general dentistry or more specialized cosmetic dentistry, if needed.”

Check out our state of the art dental laboratory we use for ALL restorations, Lafyette Dental Laboratory! ( Rick is a Master Ceramist AACD certified, and has been doing quality work for over 25 years. It is your body – you only want the BEST!

Pinnacle Peak Dental also offers the latest technologies, including teeth whitening, such as GLO laser-assisted whitening which is nearly pain free even for those with sensitive teeth. “It’s a whole new generation of whitening your teeth — it doesn’t have to hurt anymore,” Lerma adds. She also notes that even technologies with straightening via Invisalign have come a long way in the past few years.

Dr. Lerma prides herself on the fact that she and her staff work hard to educate their patients on which procedures are available and which they recommend. “I take customer service very personally. We are constantly trying to better ourselves. We are about integrity and going above and beyond for our patients.” Lerma says that she and her staff aim to make patients feel happy and comfortable during each visit, adding, “It’s about our patients’ needs, not our own.”

To that end, Dr. Lerma extends herself beyond regular office hours for emergencies and she loves working with patients for a big event such as a reunion or a wedding. She says, “We want to make your knockout smile come to life. However we can take that journey with you, we’ll be with you every step of the way.”

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