Mod Home Urban Interiors

Unique. Local. Affordable

At Mod Home Urban Interiors, what you see is what you get. Or is it?

The website shows pages of sofas, sectionals, tables, chairs, lamps, rugs, bedroom furniture, entertainment centers and pillows, yet General Manager Damon Tinley says that’s “only a quarter of what we sell.”

The 35,000 square feet showroom is packed, too, but within the store are options on top of options on top of options. Like that particular sofa but not the fabric? It can be changed. Tinley said there are 250 fabric choices, making the upholstery business Mod’s main business. “On most frames, you can change the fabric,” he says.

How about turning that model into a six-piece or 20-piece sectional? “We can make it for you,” Tinley says.

What about the customer who seeks modern, mid-century modern or transitional furniture but has no idea where to place it in the home? No problem, Tinley says. Some of the salespeople are also designers “who can put together a home if you need to,” he says. “Colors, sizes, styles, you name it, we’ve got it.”

They even have art. If someone wants to hang an abstract piece, an in-house framer who Tinley says is also an artist will take a non-copyrighted image, add his own touches, and now there’s a painting on the wall to go with all that new furniture.

That’s how Mod does it: It stays away from cookie-cutter disposable furniture found at big box stores and lets you have it your way, your style, your uniqueness.

The key is Mod’s access to higher-end pieces and craftsmanship that cost a third of what they cost elsewhere.

“It’s easy to be unique, but it’s harder to be affordable,” Tinley says. “If you’re getting unique, just like a unique car, unique watch or unique suit, usually they’re more expensive, harder to come by and, naturally, more costly.”

There are no sales gimmicks and no high pressure sales tactics. People who come in are greeted warmly and then left alone to wander and shop at their pleasure.

And much of everything and everyone is local. Tinley says the owner lives nearby, and nothing is outsourced.

“We’re local. Buy local,” Tinley says.

Only at Mod, it’s buy unique.

1275 W. Elliot Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85284



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