Mod Dentistry of Scottsdale

Mod Dentistry of Scottsdale

No Insurance? No Problem?

Going to the dentist evokes great fear in a great many people. Studies show between 60 and 75 percent of us are scared of dental visits as much as anything else. There’s even a word for it: dentophobia.

But at MOD Dentistry of Scottsdale, Dr. Preeti Singh and her staff ensure a positive experience that is tranquil, educational and caring.

“When you walk in the door, I know it sounds weird to say, it’s a calm, relaxing place,” said Mary Mullins, practice manager. “Dr. Singh’s energy and manner is very calm, very soothing, and it really helps patients.”

Many aspects are geared to putting people at ease. From the waiting room’s comfortable chairs to the ceramic floor tiles to the open spaces, it has an almost spa-like quality.

For those without dental insurance, MOD Dentistry offers an in-house plan designed to save money and keep patients motivated to come for their twice-yearly preventive visits.

Then there is Dr. Singh, a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry who has been practicing for more than 10 years. Mullins said her unhurried demeanor helps puts people at ease.

“She has a way of speaking with patients. She takes her time, explains things,” Mullins said. “Sometimes, dentists are rushed and have other procedures waiting. She doesn’t do that. There’s no sense of hurried energy. Very calm and relaxing.”

A goal is to have patients walk away feeling like they understand why a procedure is, was or will be done. Dr. Singh takes the time to explain, pulling out the X-rays or calling up information on a television screen that sits above the dental chair.

And those screens really help calm a patient. If a trip to the dentist seems like the worst thing in the world, a trip to MOD Dentistry resembles a trip to one’s living room, for those screens are connected to the outside world, so people can watch Netflix, regular TV, YouTube or many other musical and video options. There are also in-house cameras that allow Dr. Singh to illustrate in real time something happening in a patient’s mouth.

Speaking of procedures, MOD Dentistry offers different types, from basic services such as cleanings, fillings and root canals to options such as Invisalign, laser dentistry and veneers.

Mullins said Dr. Singh especially likes cosmetic dentistry and told a story about a patient who had a large gap between her two front teeth that bothered her for years. After Dr. Singh’s treatment, the gap was gone, no one could tell, and the woman returned for a follow-up visit with tears of gratitude in her eyes.

Another uncommon procedure Dr. Singh performs is pinhole gum surgery to treat receding gums. She numbs the area and then makes one or two tiny pinholes in gums, then adjusts the gums over the exposed tooth roots. It’s like a facelift for the gums.

Mullins has seen plenty of patients lose their fears of the dentist thanks to going to MOD Dentistry.

“It can be a spot in someone’s life that (MOD Dentistry) can affect them positively and change their life,” she said. “It starts with the top. That’s how Dr. Singh wants to practice. You don’t really find that.”


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