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Monsoon season is just around the corner… your home’s electrical system prepared and protected?

Many homeowners don’t realize the potential harm that can come to their home’s appliances and electrical devices during the hot summer months, especially when followed by the triple-threat of dust, wind and lightning during monsoon season.

Even smaller events such as a car accident involving an electrical transformer or electrical stress created by an overheated refrigerator or air compressor in your garage during the hot summer can cause a potentially disastrous power spike.

These high-voltage power spikes can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home’s appliances and electric equipment. Many homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage caused by electrical surges, and even the ones that do will charge an expensive deductible. It is crucial for homeowners to be informed and be prepared for this all-too-common issue.

“It’s much cheaper and less traumatic to be proactive and protect your home than it is to replace valuable items because they weren’t protected,” explains Elijah Otero from George Brazil Plumbing and Electrical. “I can’t count how many times I have come to a home to replace electrical components after a power spike, only to have the homeowner say they had no idea this could happen.”

George Brazil now offers simple and affordable solutions for Arizona homeowners. They have partnered with Cutler Hammer to offer a whole-home surge protector that can help protect the electrical systems in your home. This quick installation can provide years of protection against the costly damage of common summertime electrical surges!

George Brazil has been helping homeowners with their repair and protection needs since 1955. They offer prompt, 24-hour service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. George Brazil is now offering readers of the inside coup magazine special discounts on all electrical installations. Call them now to take advantage of these special offers and get your home protected from summer heat and the perils of monsoon season!

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