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Check Your Pipes Before It’s Too Late

We don’t normally think about the sewer system in our homes until there is a problem with it. Most signs of trouble with your sewer system will become apparent in the house but homeowners should be attentive so problems can be spotted early.

Sewer problems can happen in both older and newer homes. A sewer drain clog can rapidly become an emergency and potentially a hazard to the occupants of the home, not to mention a tremendous expense. When the main drain that connects your system to the city sewer system becomes clogged it will eventually back up all the drains and toilets in the home. If this water flows back into your home, it takes professionals to clean it up properly as water that may be mingled with sewage is considered a biohazard. Don’t believe us? Do a search for black water damage.

We’ve compiled a list of common warning signs of a sewer line clog:


More than one plumbing fixture such as sink and a washing machine or dishwasher are backing up at the same time. Because toilets are connected almost directly to the main line going from the home sewer problems do tend to show up here first. However, you should never assume that a sewer clog is only associated with toilets because the issue can show up in any drain or plumbing fixture. If you have more than one drain clogged especially the water fixture that you don’t use as frequently, there is cause for concern.


If you notice that your toilet begins gurgling or making a percolating sound when other water fixtures are being used such as the dishwasher or the washing machine pay close attention for other signs such as the bubbling described below. If you have plunged your toilet, there may be some bubbling as the air works itself out. However, if the bubbling persists after the toilet has been flushed a few more times, it’s time to call the plumber.


If you see bubbles in the toilet after you flush or in the sink as it is draining pay attention to see if the problem occurs each time you use that water fixture. When there is a clog or blockage in your drain, water will try to pass through it. If the water cannot get through, bubbles will form that can be visible in the sink or in your toilet. If you see bubbles or gurgling this may indicate a drain problem, especially if this occurs when water is being drained from another fixture such as the sink or your washing machine.


If you discover a foul smell of sewage coming from drains either in the basement or even a drain, you should definitely investigate. Some drains use a P-trap and aren’t used as frequently. They can dry out and the smell escape into the home but if the smell persists after dumping a few cups of water down the drain it may be time to call your plumber.



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