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Desert Fitness

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Desert Fitness

740 S. Cooper Rd. Gilbert, AZ
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A Fitness Oasis in the Desert

With so many different gyms and fitness centers to choose from, it is difficult to find the perfect one for you. Thankfully, for everyone, there is Desert Fitness. Whatever you are looking for, award-winning Desert Fitness has just what you need, thanks to a variety of membership options. Desert Fitness is located at 740 S. Cooper Road in Gilbert, at the intersection of Cooper and Warner Roads. They also have their original South gym, located at 4658 South Higley Road, at the intersection of Higley and Queen Creek Roads.

One major point which sets Desert Fitness apart is their focus on giving their guests the best experience possible. “We’re a gym that truly cares about its members,” said Nick Short, manager of the North location. “We’re constantly reinvesting in our facility. Keeping everything top-of-the-line and staying cutting-edge.” Part of this philosophy is making sure guests find whatever it is they are looking for in a workout.

n addition to rows of traditional equipment, Desert Fitness has crossfit equipment, a wide variety of group training classes and personal training available. The North location has steam rooms in each locker room and a brand-new, 5,000 square-foot basketball court. Desert Fitness is open from 5 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.

Another facet of commitment to Desert Fitness members is providing world-class customer service. “We’re very flexible,” said Short. “We’re always willing to help people out and we try to go the extra mile for them.” Being an independent club allows owner Jared Wilson and his staff to provide the personal touch that large corporations have long forgotten about.

Desert Fitness has a wide variety of memberships that make it easy to find the right option for you. They offer a “Basic Plan” membership that costs only $14.99 per month (on special right now for only $9.99). The “Value Plan” membership grants you access to group classes and the basketball court as well as a reduced enrollment fee for only $24.99 per month (also on special for $19.99). Finally, for those ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle and make use of all Desert Fitness has to offer, there is the “Premier Plan”. This all-encompassing plan gives you everything the Value Plan does plus child care services for one child, free access to tanning services and NO enrollment fee. Whichever plan fits best, take advantage of the “Paid in full” program to get a large discount over paying month-to-month with both the enrollment fee AND the one-time annual fee of $49 waived!

“None of these are contracts,” said Short. “They’re all basically month-to-month. Our philosophy is let them come in and take a look around our facility. Let them explain to us what they are looking for, and it lets us help them find the perfect plan.” Whatever your fitness goals, Desert Fitness is here to help.

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Desert Fitness
740 S. Cooper Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85233

4658 S. Higley Rd.
Gilbert, AZ 85297

A Fitness Oasis in the Desert